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WC Door Coin Lock, Restroom Lock, Bathroom Lock, Coin Operated Door Lock, Coin Lock for door, Coin Lock for Bathroom

1. 1 Coin/Token Insert Function 2. For Member/Staff use 3. For charging on using toilet

Coin Operated Locker, Keyless Locker, Digital Locker, Plastic Locker, Card Lock, Cam Lock,Steel Locker, Timber Locker, Spare Key Box, Coin Operated Lock, Keyless Lock,Digital Lock, Padlock

    Function       PL-103 Plastic Locker       Material     ABS Plastic and Steel     Weight     About 20 kG     Features:   Different tiers with variety colors and stack ability of plastic locker provides satisfaction to you de

coin operated locker,keyless locker,digital locker,code locker,plastic locker,card lock ,cam lock,steel locker,timber locker,spare key box,coin operated lock,keyless lock,digital lock,padlock

The sturdy structure provides longer lasting and quieter operation than standard metal locker and solves the traditional problems such as rust and corrosion under wet environment.       Function       PL-101 Plastic Locker       Material     ABS Plastic and Ste

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